Tech Economy in 2024: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain setting the pace.

The article discusses technological advancement in the global economy in 2024, highlighting the adoption of blockchain and progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Emphasizes Brazil's leadership with the Central Bank's DREX project, aimed at innovation in the financial system. It highlights the transformation of the job market through AI, the emergence of Web3, and the importance of asset tokenization. It exemplifies with Brazilian cases of blockchain adoption in companies and government, highlighting the potential of these technologies for economic efficiency and social justice.

The Disruption of the Economy: What's behind the confusion at OpenAI

The news of Sam Altman's temporary departure from leadership of OpenAI marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. This event not only reflects the internal dynamics of one of the leading companies at the forefront of AI, but also symbolizes an inflection point in the relationship between technological advances and…