Leadership and Futurism: Acquire the mindset to navigate the changes of a technology-based world

In a rapidly changing world, where technology advances by leaps and bounds and continually redefines the rules of the game, The ability to lead with a vision for the future is more critical than ever. Eduardo Ibrahim, author of the best-selling book “Exponential Economics” and Global Faculty at Singularity University, offers an eye-opening talk designed to equip current and future leaders with the mindset necessary to anticipate, understand and shape the technological future.

Why participate?

  • Future Vision with Eduardo Ibrahim: Enrich your perspective with strategic insight from Eduardo, who shares his deep understanding of how technology is shaping the future and what that means for leaders across industries.
  • Futuristic Mindset for Leaders: Learn the essential elements of a futuristic mindset that will enable you and your organization to not only navigate but thrive amid waves of technological change.
  • Tools for Anticipation and Innovation: Discover tools and methods to anticipate future trends, identify opportunities for innovation, and implement changes that ensure long-term relevance and success.
  • Inspiring Leadership in Times of Change: Explore how to inspire and mobilize your team to embrace change, foster innovation, and build a lasting legacy in a technologically advanced world.

Lecture Content:

  1. The Essence of Futuristic Leadership: Introduction to the concept of futuristic leadership and its importance in the current context.
  2. Developing a Futurism Mindset: How to cultivate a mindset that is always looking to the horizon, preparing for the next waves of technological innovation.
  3. Strategies for Navigating the Technological Future: Practical tools and strategies for leaders who want to guide their teams and organizations through the complexity of the technological future.
  4. Case Studies and Practical Applications: Real-life case analyzes of effective leadership in times of significant change, with an emphasis on how these leaders shaped the future of their organizations.
  5. Q&A with Eduardo Ibrahim: An opportunity for open dialogue, where participants can answer questions and discuss strategies tailored to their specific leadership and futurism challenges.

Who is this Lecture for?

Aimed at executives, managers, entrepreneurs and all those who occupy or aspire to leadership positions and wish to equip themselves to lead successfully in an increasingly technological and constantly changing environment. This talk is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand and influence the future.

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